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EU project

What the programme „Family teaching as a way to development of local community of Nowa Wieś” is?:

  1. Those are 80 payfree language classes for the beginners lasting from 01 September 2009 to 31 June 2010
  2. The classes are twice a week for 60 minutes
  3. The classes are for the families and those who want to develop their skills and have some fun with the family and also integrate with the local community
  4. The classes are for all, especially those whose life situation is hard
  5. There are 3 languages to choose - French, Spanish and English
  6. There will be four separated 7-8-people-groups – on the whole we will teach 15 adults and 15 youngsters
  7. The classes will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the afternoons or evenings on the premises of Public Elementary and Gimnazjum School in Nowa Wieś, thanks to the kindness of the Principle of the School Mrs Ewa Dymura.
  8. Recrutation will start on the begining of July 2009
  9. In order to participate you must fill in the application form which is available in any public place in Nowa Wieś and send it to our adress or the mail adress
  10. You may download the application from our website as well
  11. If there are a lot of interested in our project, the people with difficult family situation or with other problems will be qualified as first in the second part of the recrutation in August.
  12. We are planning next projects, also as a continuation of this one so keep your fingers crossed for us.

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