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Atelier Językowe Ewy Hetmanek

otwarci na wiedzę, otwarci na świat

So there are holidays at last. This is the time for travelling and adventures for indoor and outdoor games. How about boules? We invite you to use your language skills. Good luck and see you in September!

Welcome to our school.

Recentely there has been a change of the attitude towards the methods of teaching and learning languages.


We know that every foreign language we study improves our brains.It is known that starting gaining knowledge when very young improves intelectual abilities.


Mundane memorising belongs to the past - right now learning should bring pleasure, develop and motivate as well as make us able to communicate and practice our knowlede.


Recent methods of teaching allow to lessen the age limit in which we are able to distinguish the new sounds and also make the processs of learning more efective and atractive for learners in all age groups.

Join us!


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